The back story

Big Cat Creative is a branding and web design studio that IS HERE to help YOU give YOUR business the BEAUTIFUL kick start that it needs.


You want to spend your time working on the things that drove you to start your business — your real passions, right?!  What you don’t want to be doing is wasting your precious time learning how to master the Adobe suite or figuring out the ins and outs of creating a comprehensive website, only to be disappointed by the results.

But you know how vital strategic design is to the success of your business. Good design should tell your company's story and is so important in building trust with potential customers.

Relax! This is where I step in to save the day...


Hi there!

My name’s Erica. The creative mind behind

An American born New Zealander who loves to travel,
get lost in the outdoors, explore and create.


I'm strongly believe that creating quality and strategic design is one of the largest contributors to a businesses success. 


As a 20 something year old passionate about all things creative, I created BCC in the hopes of pursuing my love for creating and for working with clients that I could build genuine relationships with full time. I wake up every morning excited to know that I'm making a difference to businesses success through my passion for making things!

The things you really need to know about me are:

  • I have a degree in Graphic Design and have roughly 7 years of industry experience under my belt.
  • I’m very organised and I get things done on time.
  • I’m a pretty cool person, and I bet you are too, so we’ll get along well.
  • I won’t let you down!




Create beautiful and just darn good design for your business.


Help your business grow and expand your audience reach through strategic design.


Free up your time – so you can work on the heart of your business.

After noticing a consistent need for high quality design, better functioning websites and marketing strategies, BCC was created in the hopes of helping fix this problem. A strategic branding & website design studio that is assisting small business owners and entrepreneurs (like yourself) to get their businesses kick started by creating professional and beautiful custom brands and websites. So, if you want to go back to doing the part of your business that you love, and spend less time on the things you don’t, go check out the services page where I talk you through exactly what I can offer you. If there’s something you need and it’s not listed, feel free to contact me and I'll see what I can do!