Weather you like it or not, first impressions are huge. The quality of your website and branding can either be the make or break of your business being successful. This package is designed for businesses just starting up aiming to break into the market with a great first impression, or, for businesses that are in need of a brand and website makeover. We’ll work one on one throughout the whole process to create a brand and website that is not only beautiful, but is also an effective marketing tool. Having a brand and website cleverly crafted by Big Cat Creative will have your business not only creating a great first impression, but a long lasting one.



  • Guided content questionnaire
  • Brand moodboard
  • 3 primary black and white logo designs to choose from (3 revisions)
  • 3 personalized color palettes to choose from
  • Full color logo final optimized for Web and Print
  • Alternative logo/s + Favicon
  • Custom font combinations
  • Signature brand textures/patterns
  • A complete detailed style guide
  • 2 additional branding elements (e.g. business cards, social media graphics, stickers, invoices, editable blog templates etc)
  • All final high-res files supplied to you via Google Docs


  • Guided content questionnaire
  • Moodboard + color palette
  • Coming soon landing page
  • Custom designed website design using Squarespace platform
  • All custom designed website graphics (e.g. favicon, banners, buttons, headers, custom font graphics etc)
  • Setup of a custom email address attached to your website URL
  • Completely responsive and mobile and tablet/ipad optimized interface
  • Website optimized for SEO
  • A lesson on how to use you new website
  • Blog and e-commerce set-up 

All of the packages are tailored to suit your needs,
contact me via the form below for a free consultation and detailed proposal!



After you’re all booked in and ready to go, I’ll get straight to work on picking your brain. First I’ll provide questionnaires which you will need to fill out thoroughly so I can really get a good idea of your target audience and goals for your business. We’ll also discuss previous brands you are drawn to, or other pieces of inspiration that may be helpful to the branding and web design process. On top of that I will conduct industry research to check our your competition and to get a really good idea of the market. On top of this, I will collect all of the content that will be on your website. This includes for each page; all copy, all images you want included, your call to actions, shop items and descriptions, specific layout requests etc. Once I have all of this information I can start bringing your ideas to life!



After the questionnaire and creative research, I will design a moodboard. A moodboard is an arrangement of images, materials, colors and pieces of text that will project a particular style or concept, in this case, it will project all that we discussed in step one, and should be on the right track for the feel of your board. Setting up the complete branding for success is to first start with getting the mood of your brand right. (3 rounds of revisions)



Once you are happy with your moodboard, I’ll start creating concepts for your logo. I will provide you with 3 beautiful and unique designs to choose from. The initial designs will be provided in black only so we can focus solely on the logo, the colorization will be added later on after we have decided on a color scheme. Along side the logo concepts I will also be working on your font combinations (these two go hand in hand and must be cohesive!) (Choice of 1 logo and 3 rounds of revisions)



After we have decided on your perfect logo, I will start putting together the rest of pieces of the puzzle. You’ll receive 3 custom color combinations to choose from, based on your initial mood board. These will define the signature colors of your brand and are an important piece in the branding process. Once you choose the perfect palette, I’ll colorize your logo which will really bring it to life. I’ll also develop any signature textures or patterns that will enhance your brand design and I’ll create your 2 chosen extra branding materials. All of these elements will be collated into and presented on your branding style board (3 rounds of revisions)



This step's a big, but fun one! Once we have finished creating a solid foundation for your brand, I’ll get straight to work on your website. Your website design will encompass everything we worked on in the first steps and is based on all of the framework information you provided for me, The design will reflect the same style and vibe as the inital moodboard and your branding style board. This step also involves me creating completely custom designed graphics to use throughout your website. The amount of pages and extent of content depends on our initial agreement. (3 rounds of revisions). Your website will be created on Squarespace, which is a fantastic platform from simple to more complex websites and is also easy for you to edit after the design process is complete. See below for all of the reasons I choose Squarespace as a web designer! 



We made it! This is the best part, where I deliver the final versions of everything we have worked so hard on over the last few of weeks. Depending on how tech savvy you are, I will either have a one on one live tutorial with you, or I will send you a few simple tutorial videos on how to operate your new website! Once you're comfortable with making changes to your new website, we're ready to launch! Your brand new website will officially be live! You’ll receive your full branding style guide which includes: Your fully colorized logo, your black and white logo, and an alternative logo. Your custom font combinations and color combination. Any signature patterns, textures and photos that can be used in your branding. You will receive your 2 chosen branding materials and all individual high res files via Google Drive. Pop that bubbly and celebrate your new, beautiful branding and website - we're done!


What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is an online website creation platform. It’s is one of the most powerful website content management systems. I choose Squarespace to build client (and my own) websites because it’s "all in one". Squarespace manages your hosting, your domain name, all updates and any problems all by paying the monthly fee. This means that, unlike most providers, you wont have to hire anyone to maintain your website and you don't have to stress about maintaining anything yourself. You also wont be paying for a bunch of plugins or services, Squarespace manages this all. After the design process is complete I will teach you how to very easily make changes. Like changing wording somewhere or publishing your newest blog post. It's as simple as drag, drop, go!




This package is for small business owners or budding entrepreneurs and start up companies who are in need of a professional, beautiful and cohesive branding and website to effectively showcase and market their new brand.


Branding + Web Design packages start at $2500.
Every job is different, and every package is tailored to your specific needs. This way, I can specifically outline the deliverables that you do need, and make sure you're not paying for anything that you don't need. Contact me using the form below for a custom quote!


Your complete branding and website will take between 4-6 weeks. This depends on how much we’ve planned to tackle. After we’ve agreed on all of the particulars, I will give you an estimated launch date and we’ll work towards that.




Once we have agreed on all the particulars, I require a 50% non-refundable deposit towards your branding and web design project. This secures your spot and indicates the beginning of the project. The remaining 50% will be required when the website is launched and the final files are released. Any additional products required that aren’t agreed on prior to the start of the project will be billed at an hourly rate. All prices are in USD.

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